Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Make walking safer! Walking is more dangerous than going by car, the Social Trends analysis said.

From Social Trends analysis
Measured mile for mile, motorcycles are the most dangerous way to travel, followed by walking, and then bicycles. Motorcyclists are killed at the rate of 169 for every billion miles travelled, it reported. Some 59 pedestrians are killed for every billion miles walked, while 56 cyclists are killed for each billion miles travelled.

Only four car passengers are killed for every billion miles driven. The comparative safety of car passengers means the school run has cut the number of children killed on the roads. The report said: "There has been a steady fall in the number of children killed or seriously injured in road accidents." It noted a fall of 11 per cent in a single year between 2004 and 2005, and a reduction of 68 per cent since 1980. In 2005, 3,500 children were seriously injured or killed in road accidents.

Make walking safer! Welsh elections are coming up so call on the person you vote for to make a commitment to making walking safer - more crossings, speed bumps and traffic calming are urgent.

The parents who want their kids to be safe are making walking more dangerous for the children who walk! Many of these are the most poorest children.

Note that Bus and coach fares rose by 168 per cent between 1997 and2006 in the UK, compared with a rise in the ‘All items’ retail prices index of 93 per cent - doesn't encourage people to travel by public transport.
Make walking safer - join Living Streets