About pedestrian liberation


"In contrast to the changes made to every town and city to ease motor transport, walking has been made ever more unpleasant. Pedestrians have been treated with contempt. In a myriad of ways when we walk we are treated with less respect than when we drive". (quote for across-party parliamentary select committee report on walking in towns from 2001).

This is the place for people who want to share information with others about positive, peaceful 

and creative ways to reclaim pavements (sidewalks in North American English) for the 

exclusive use of pedestrians, wheelchair users, people with buggies and also for young 

children only using bicycles.Pavements are all to often used illegally as overflow car parks, as 

places to store wheelie-bins and to position road signs, as a safer place than the 

carriageway for cyclists as good places to position advertising boards. Pavements then end 

up being damaged creating further risks for pedestrians and significant costs for the