Saturday, April 07, 2007


Cardiff Friends of the Earth are organizing a Cycle Demo on SUNDAY, 22nd APRIL (which happens to be Earth Day) to campaign for a cycle/pedestrian bridge over the river Ely.
For all the millions thrown at the International Sports Village, the developers could not be bothered to provide a safe way for cyclists and pedestrians to access the site from Penarth, which is only a stone's throw away across the river. The only option is to chance the Cogan Spur flyover, with its 60mph speed limit and no pavement.

Assembly point is the Cogan Rail Station car park, Penarth, at 11hrs AM. We will then cycle up to Baron's Court Junction, over the Spur (en mass), through the big roundabout at the bottom by Asda, and then back up again on the same route to finish in the car park again.

If you are not a cyclist, you can still come and participate. Although the police do not allow pedestrians on the spur itself, pedestrian demonstrators could assemble in the car park, walk up to the junction with the cyclists, and then stand on the pavement near the Spur. If you could bring a banner or sign, this would have the added bonus of alerting motorists to the purpose of the demonstration. Families and children are particularly welcome. Contact: Marc Buehner

RFI0414 Cycle Bridge over River Ely

Picture Local group members try to cross the River Ely