Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lisvane inconsiderate parking

icWales - Highest profile crime in Lisvane... poor parking
At this week's PACT meeting, the police said that Lisvane, in Cardiff, had reported ... After complaints of inconsiderate parking near schools by parents, ...
After complaints of inconsiderate parking near schools by parents, children have been brought on board to help enforce the law.

Llysfaen Primary pupils will become young traffic wardens to confront parents parking illegally and are having a competition to write a letter to send home to say what dangers the dangers are. Residents didn't understand why parents couldn't walk their children to school and criticised why they came so early to get a parking spot close to the school gates.PC Rogers suggested that parents could park a bit further away to make sure they don't become hazards.
Walk to school campaign

MORE than 50 per cent of children do not walk to school regularly and
as the number of children being driven to school increases, childhood
obesity, air pollution and road danger also increase. The Walk to School
campaign aims to encourage parents, pupils and teachers to think about
how they travel to school and increase the number of people making
the school journey on foot. The campaign now has the support of more
than 65 per cent of local authorities.
This year National Walk to School Week takes place from 21 to 25
May. The theme is ‘Strider Saves the Planet’ and focuses on reducing
the pollution caused by driving to school.You can find more information
about organising events duringat:
www.walktoschool.org.uk Walk to School week
or by contacting Andrew Fielding at Living
Streets on 0207 820 1010.