Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shock tactics

Shock tactics in TV anti-speeding driveBelfast Telegraph - Some of the most horrifying images of road carnage ever filmed will be broadcast on television tonight, as the DoE's latest anti-speeding campaign gets under way - and the commercial is so graphic it cannot be shown until after the 9pm watershed.

Police chief resorts to traffic shock tactics Apr 26 2007 icWales
Controversial police chief Richard Brunstrom used a photograph of a decapitated motorcyclist today to drive home his anti-speeding message.

One image showed the man’s head, with the eyes still open, on a grass verge. It was still cased in a red and white helmet, with the visor raised. Laura Wright, South Wales Echo

It would be more useful to half more humps and less moaning about them - only the other night in the echo we had 'Bumps are a waste of £22,500!' in other places there has been calls for action and nothing happens as in this story 'Horrible accident was waiting to happen'
Mar 15 2007 Staff Reporter, Pontypridd Observer .............."Just how many casualties are acceptable before action is taken?" Is this a reasonable question? Why are there no traffic calming measures here?

Perhaps our engineers and councillors responsible for traffic calming could visit other places for examples of good practice such as York. Pleas alone, however horrific won't stop speeding.