Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Transport link environment fears for the sports village

How do we get to the sports village?

Apr 18 2007 Gerry Holt, South Wales Echo A Cardiff conservation group is calling on the council to radically reassess plans for the International Sports Village. Cardiff Friends of the Earth is warning the village in Cardiff Bay will fail unless it has adequate transport links, particularly for those without cars.

The group claim proposals for alternative transport plans have been rejected or shelved, including a new railway station at Cogan linked to a pedestrian or cycle bridge and cycle lanes on the Cogan Spur. Marc Buehner, of the group, said: 'It is completely unacceptable for a modern development to be so reliant on the car. As well as negative health and environmental effects, congestion on approach roads will make the village less appealing, leading to some facilities becoming less viable.'

The group is organising a cycle-ride demonstration to press for a bridge over the River Ely at 11am on Sunday, starting at Cogan station.