Monday, April 09, 2007

Assembly election and New Labour Environmental Policy

Labour CLAIM THEY will meet head on the challenge of climate change, by building a sustainable Wales that is cleaner and greener by minimising Wales’ carbon footprint, supporting environmental technology and developing an integrated public transport network. Not managed much so far. Traffic Congestion? Want to cycle, not if the Welsh Assembly can help it, they don't do cycle lanes - they do do roads. See below the campaign for a cycle/pedestrian bridge over the river Ely.

Don't do traffic wardens either - Can we travel in Wales from South to North qickly. Highspeed trains in Europe have been in the news this week - it takes a hour to get to Merthyr Tydfil from Cardiff and try getting to Brecon by bus, you could be away all day but don't reckon on getting back. Want to go to from Cardiff to Caerphilly by bus, not after 6.30 or on a Sunday. Lousy public transport may affect the economy as well!!!
New Labour promise to increase fines for litter and graffiti and to ensure the establishment of an Anti Social Behaviour Unit (big brother) in every local authority area but this will NOT include tackling more dangerous antisocial behaviour such as inconsiderate parking, parking on the pavement, blocking access to schools for pedestrains and cyclists, parking on cycle lanes, speeding ..Life is hard for the pedestrain or cylist ..See the pictures of Cardiff Bay this weekend above