Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shopkeepers misled on CPZ

Jenny Randerson AM says Shopkeepers misled on CPZ The shopkeepers who are opposing the Controlled Parking Zones in Cathays and Plasnewydd, seem to have been seriously misled about how they will work.

They are designed specifically to deter long-term commuter parking in order to help both residents and local shops. More resident spaces will make it easier to park near your home and the cost of residents' parking permits will be reduced overall, with the first permit free and the second one at a reduced rate, which will reduce the cost of permits for two car families by £15.

The scheme is designed to help shopkeepers and shoppers, with the first 15 minutes parking free and only 10p for the first hour.

It is clearly, therefore, wrong to suggest people will now go to shop in Canton, rather than Albany, Wellfield and Crwys roads.

Nobody will think it's worthwhile to spend time and petrol travelling all the way to Canton to avoid a 10p charge.

I used to shop regularly in Albany and Wellfield roads but I stopped several years ago because 1 could never find a parking space.

A small charge, plus the enforcement of parking restrictions by increased numbers of traffic wardens, will ensure a turnover of shoppers in nearby spaces, rather than the all-day commuter parking we now have.

The only way we are going to get more traffic wardens is if the council takes them over.

The police force has reduced traffic warden numbers by 30 per cent and has made it clear the issue is not its priority.

Jenny Randerson AM Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for Cardiff Central, Cardiff Bay