Saturday, March 24, 2007

Reduce your CO2 emissions if you must buy a car!

The Department for Transport's campaign about reducing CO2 emissions when you buy a car and when you drive is the first to launch under the cross Government brand "Act on CO2", aimed at giving the public useful information on how to reduce their individual carbon emissions.

All cars on the road today contribute to climate change because their engines burn fuel and therefore produce carbon dioxide (CO2) every time we drive. Yet you can easily reduce these emissions and save money too.

You could also choose a new car with a more fuel efficient engine. Or make sure your tyres are pumped up correctly to reduce resistance. Even travelling a bit lighter when you're out and about can help.

Visit the Act on CO2 website for full information, advice and tips. There are games to play and a savings calculator to find out how you can reduce CO2 emissions from your car.