Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bid for safety improvement work in Whitchurch

Council Traffic Officers worked with teachers and pupils at Whitchurch High School apparently to identify the routes they used and any safety issues and then submitted a bid for safety improvement work to the Welsh Assembly. Too little - it is disgraceful the state of pavements, appalling dropped kerbs and too few crossings.
Look at these pictures of the state of the crossing on the route to school for children and young people from Rhiwbina to Whitchurch. too many 'islands' and is it possible to reach the controlls?

The bid submitted to the Assembly included the following improvements to routes used by pupils.
Velindre Road roundabout - Velindre Road and Kelston Road - pedestrian crossings
Pantbach Road - pedestrian crossing
Three phased scemes providing cycle lanes along Manor Way
Church Road - soeed reduction scheme
Park Road and Park Crescent - junction improvements and speed reduction measures
St Margarets Road - improvement to dropped kerbs
Plas Treoda - table junction and speed reduction measures
Pantmawr Road and Coryton Rise - junction improvements
Provision of cycle stands and lockers at the school

Cllr Asbo Sophie Who Howe boast of promoting road safety when as the councillor for Whitchurch she hasn't done anything about the illegal parking on double yellow lines or had pedestrians crossing well maintained and nothing about the dangerous crossing across manor way.