Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Get rid of the cars!

One man's dedication to ridding the streets of cars and handing power back to pedestrians appears to be working wonders ...new role as chair of Living Streets.

.........Underlying Loveday's approach is some hard economics. He has shown the good burghers of Norwich that giving pedestrians the right to roam is good for business. Examples are at every turn as he takes me on a guided walk around the city. Despite its name, Gentlemen's Walk has been traffic-free since only the early 1990s. "Traders didn't like the idea at first," Loveday recalls, "so we did a three-month trial and found that pedestrian flow increased by 300% at peak times." Result: no further objections from retailers.
Chris Arnot Wed March 14, 2007 The Guardian
Cardiff could learn a lesson here. Don't give in to the car lobby!