Thursday, March 22, 2007

CPZ - Cardiff Bus boss warns of anarchy

Cardiff Bus managing director is quite right that we must have enforcement of parking controls. It is a disgrace that this has to be argued for. Parking at bus stops means that the bus can't pull in and elderly and disabled passengers can't board the bus. Whitchurch Village Cardiff is an example of the thoughtlessness of motorists and an example of the blatent disregard for the parking laws. But they know they will not be punished or even retrimanded. Time for a change. Picture from Whitchurch Village bus stop. Why are are local politicians not doung something to stop this? Are they afraid of the MOTORISTS? See the Living Streets parking policy.

Plans for Cardiff council to take over enforcement of parking controls from the police must carry on if the capital is to kept moving. That is the claim of Cardiff Bus' managing director David Brown. Mr Brown believes the abandonment of controlled parking zones should not stop a city-wide 'decriminalised' scheme because it could lead to anarchy as motorists continue to ignore traffic regulations.
Mr Brown went on: 'I don't think the benefits of CPZs were fully understood. That decision has now been taken so we have to move on. 'But there is still clearly unanimous support for enforcement of parking controls and tackling illegal parking.
'That will benefit residents but also the bus company because discourteous drivers parking at junctions or on double yellow lines do slow buses through traffic.

'Funding sources need to be found to ensure decriminalised parking can go ahead.
'Proper enforcement is recognised as critical to keeping the city moving and open for business and illegal parking affects everyone.

'The best way forward for the council is to keep the programme of decriminalised parking so we avoid the city descending into anarchy.'
Mar 20 2007 Phillip Nifield, South Wales Echo

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