Sunday, November 26, 2006

Road tolls prove a success in cities around the world

London’s congestion charge is probably the best-known in the world, but it has not been the most successful. That honour appears to go to Durham, a city in northern England noted for its cathedral and castle. Durham introduced a cordon-based pricing scheme in 2002, the first in the United Kingdom, and six months before London.Traffic has fallen by 90 per cent. In comparison, London's congestion charge has reduced its considerably higher traffic levels by about 20 per cent, and has led to a 29,000 rise in bus passengers going into the city centre during morning peak.

Congestion Charge’ Council Hailed as Country’s “Most Innovative”
The North East council which introduced the UK’s first road charge – has been voted the country’s Most Innovative Local Authority in a major national award scheme.