Friday, November 17, 2006

Blame the police not the council says Chief Transport Officer Cardiff County Council

Not us to blame says council official - read his reply here

My Ref: TIW/RC/NRG/26603
Your Ref:

Date: 17th November 2006

Dear Madam

Cardiff: Inconsiderate Parking

I refer to your e-mail enquiry and associated website and I would respond as follows.

The Council is continuously striving to improve conditions for all road users, and numerous traffic regulation orders have been introduced to assist in alleviating parking and congestion problems.

The photographs taken at various locations around the city have in the main indicated offences of driving on the footway, causing an obstruction and failing to comply with local traffic regulation Orders. These are all breaches of legislation which can be dealt with by enforcement action.

The enforcing authority for both national legislation and local Orders is the police not the Council.

Yours faithfully
Neil Godfrey
For Chief Transport, Infrastructure and Waste Officer

PLEASE REPLY TO: Transport, Infrastructure and Waste, Room 301, County Hall, Cardiff CF10 4UW
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