Wednesday, November 22, 2006

e-petition Tony Blair .on 4x4s scourge of 21srcentury urban environment

from the BBC politics website
One of Tony Blair's latest wheezes to engage directly with the public is to ask them to send e-petitions to the Downing Street website. A personal favourite, however, suggests Tony Blair should "stand on his head and juggle ice cream" on the basis that, "if he is not going to resign, the least he can do is provide us with some entertainment". All very funny. But the most surprising thing is that this particular petition has received so many backers that only the first 500 names have been published on the site. I wonder how long this particular initiative will last?

The 4x4 is the scourge of the 21st century urban environment. Uneconomic, gas-guzzling and downright dangerous, they prowl the streets outside our cities' primary schools, seeking whom they may knock down and seriously injure. The average 4x4 appears to be driven by harrassed parents with a back seat full of screaming kids in areas with many children engaged in the risky activity of crossing roads. They are accidents waiting to happen. We would be better off with them removed from our streets. Please sign up and beseech our government to rid us of this modern pest. Or at least make them pay heavily for their continued existence.