Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Parking Policy and Enforcement

The House of Commons Transport Committee published a report earlier this year - Parking Policy and Enforcement that is critical of current parking policies. Among those who gave evidence to the Committee were Caroline Sheppard, Chief Parking Adjudicator for England and Wales, and Martin Wood, Chief Parking Adjudicator for London.

Those local authorities that have adopted civil enforcement powers would be required to enforce a ban on pavement parking as they carried out their other enforcement duties. The police too should be involved in enforcement of this aspect of street management. With clear signage and after a period of intense enforcement, we expect that a pavement parking ban would become self-enforcing as the public become familiar with, and accept, the new rules.

262. The Government must grip the problem of pavement parking once and for all and ensure that it is outlawed throughout the country, and not just in London. Councils should have the option of an ‘opt-out’ of a national pavement parking ban where this is vital, rather than relying on the use of individual Traffic Regulation Orders on specific streets and local Acts to impose a ban. That such an initiative will initially require additional resources to enforce is no excuse for allowing some pavements to continue to be swamped by cars and made inaccessible to large numbers of pedestrians.

Read the report (pdf, 712KB)