Tuesday, November 21, 2006

London congestion charge needed urgently!

I have written to Russell Goodway, chief executive of Cardiff Chamber of Commerce and a former leader of the council who said today "A London-style all- day congestion charge is not acceptable and would be met with marked hostility not only in Cardiff but in many other UK cities... Mr Goodway was speaking after a UK chamber of commerce survey suggested there was conditional support for some form of charging - now widely seen as inevitable as ministers seek to shake-up road taxation to create a more environmentally-friendly, pay-as-you-drive system
Nov 21 2006 Tomos Livingstone, Western Mail

Why is a London style congestion charge not acceptable? Perhaps we should have a hierarchy of road users to get things into perspective. Cardiff is way behind in Europe and the other UK cities by ignoring the blindingly obvious that we must tackle car users and reduce the number of cars going in to the city centre before we reach gridlock!
Picture above is one of Russells earlier schemes before the car lobby won?

Are we lagging behind Hull?
Why does it cost so much to travel on the bus? A family of 4 travelling from Thornhill into the Cardiff City Centre will pay £10:00 - cheaper to take the car people think!

Plus the question about that stuff stuck around the castle - what a mess and it has been there since last year! Why?

I sent a similar letter to Sue Essex AM.