Friday, December 29, 2006

Cars parked inconveniently is Anti social behaviour

I thought it might be useful to get Professor Stuart Cole view on this campaign. So I wrote to ask.

Please could you give your support to my campaign to stop pavement parking, reduce congestion in cardiff and improve public transport.

I was doing some research on asbos and found that the government's favoured measure of anti-social behaviour ignores those problems that the public tell them are of most concern. A Home Office study found that the public ranked 'speeding traffic' (43% ‘very big’ or ‘fairly big’ problem) and 'cars parked inconveniently' (31%) as the two biggest 'anti-social' problems in their area. 'Teenagers hanging around' (28%) was ranked only the sixth most significant problem and 'noisy neighbours' (9%) was twelfth.

also cited in House of Commons Home Affairs Committee Anti–Social Behaviour Fifth Report of Session 2004–05 although vechicle related nuisance "Inconvenient/illegal parking" is perahps convienently missing missing from other research asking residents for their concerns anout asb!