Friday, December 29, 2006

Campaign to Stop Pavement Parking for Your New Year Resolution

I have leaflets printed to put on car windscreens - copy this or contact me for a printout 3 to a page to print yourself.


Campaign to Stop Pavement Parking


To the driver of the under mentioned vehicle which was observed parked in such a way as to impede the free movement of pedestrians and disabled people by a Living Streets Member

Vehicle Registration……………………………………… is

1. Parked on the Pavement

2. Parked in a bus lane or bike lane during operational hours.

3. Parked in a disabled person's parking space


Why did we leave this ticket on your windscreen?

You may not realise it, but you have inconvenienced a large number of people by leaving your car where it is. Pedestrians, Disabled people and Cyclists can find their journey continuously blocked by parked cars, and this can cause possibly dangerous situations.

Pavement parking makes it difficult for pedestrians, parents with pushchairs, the elderly, disabled people and others to walk on the pavement, to the extent that sometimes you have to walk on the road?

This situation can sometimes make people so angry that they have to restrain themselves from doing some damage to the vehicle in question. We know that the police and traffic wardens can't be everywhere, so we have made it possible to issue a gentle, slightly humorous and extremely cathartic reminder to remind you that what you are doing is antisocial, illegal and just plain wrong.

If you find it difficult to find anywhere legal to park your car in the city, it might occur to you that this is because there are just too many cars on the road. You can help to alleviate this situation by walking, cycling or catching the bus, train or tram, as thousands of other people have chosen to do.

If you wish to respond to this ticket you can email us at

However, you should be prepared to receive replies from a large number of pedestrians explaining how your actions have inconvenienced them. See