Saturday, November 22, 2008

Traffic planing team to double in size!

Scary news - Wanted Traffic Signals Engineer - Cardiff Penguin recruitment
amazed there is a growing 'transport planning team in Cardiff ' and 'planned expansion' as ' part of an office of circa 100 staff to work on projects for local authorities in addition to private sector clients !'

Working as part of a traffic and transport planning team you will be responsible for carrying out traffic modelling, signals design and maintenance and work with Transport Planners on transport assessments and TA audits.
Note - Excellent career progression prospects in a team planned to double in size in the next 2!!!!
I dread to think what they will be doing...perhaps planning the traffic lights for Bute Park to allow articulated lorries in! They stick up traffic lights and islands with railings everywhere in Cardiff to suit the traffic and make life difficult for the pedestrian and they have been using the same design since the 60s! How much more clutter and posts can fit in? No imagination required obviously!