Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ridiculous Rachael Wood wants cars, congestion and choking in St Mary street!

Website boosts support for road ban protest The Echo reports on a group that has formed on the internet to protest against the traffic ban in Cardiff’s St Mary Street. (katie.norman@wme.co.uk)

There are groups that are campaigning to save our planet, reduce congestion, reduce pollution, make out cities more liveable and childfriendly, disabled friendly, people friendly and generally much more pleasant places to walk, cycle, shop and eat. This may come as a surprise to some 140 people ..mindless dinosaurs are the words that comes to mind. Here we have people protesting to put MORE cars on the road - to INCREASE congestion - make life difficult for shoppers, pedestrians, disabled people, elderly, - Voting for more pollution??? At least there are only 140 morons in Cardiff so far.
It is a myth that businesses suffer because of a reduction in access to cars. Europe.....London would shut down if that were the case. In fact the opposite is true. Business will be better off with a pedestrianised street and better again especially when it is cleaned up. Cardiff is way behind the times.

The story goes on ...They ask members to: “Help us stop this madness of congesting the surrounding areas of Cardiff by joining this group and showing your support to reopen St Mary Street! Messages in support of their plight have been left by group members including Rachel Wood. Who is she? She said: “I support anyone and everyone that continues to ignore the ridiculous ban.” Ridiculous Rachael! Obviously environmental issues aren't her strong point.

Have they heard of for example of Friends of the Earth, Transport 2000, Living Streets, Greenpeace, Green Party to name a few... which have thousands of supporters and support the St Mary Street enlightened scheme