Monday, August 13, 2007

Help strengthen roads campaigning

Transport 2000’s Road Block network.
Thanks to efforts of campaigners and the work of Rebecca Lush, the road-building scandal is now starting to get the media attention it deserves. Recent articles in the Guardian (,,2138044,00.html) and the New Statesman ( have blown the lid off the cost of the road-building programme – both the cost to the taxpayer and the cost to the environment. We need to keep the pressure on the Government and get these ridiculous policies ditched once and for all.

You can help do this by supporting Transport 2000 and adding your voice to Britain’s biggest environmental transport campaign. The more support we get, the more we can do to put an end to the Government’s short-sighted, environmentally destructive road-building policies.

More and more people across the country are asking transport 2000 for help in stopping road schemes that threaten to blight their neighbourhoods, destroy landscapes and increase noise and air pollution. We’ve been helping as many as we can – but we can only do so much with the resources we have. That’s why your support is so important to us.

We are also determined to continue lobbying the Government for alternatives to building more roads. We’re fighting for more investment in public transport, more freight moved by rail and more policies and programmes that give people real alternatives to driving. Our website - – gives full details of all our campaigns.

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WAG is planning a new toll motorway across the Gwent levels near Newport

M4 Motorway Widening Scheme - From Junction 29(Castleton) to
Junction 32 (Coryton)
Local information: Maes y Bryn Road / Junction 30
With approval from Cardiff Council, from Monday 6th August 2007, a construction plant crossing near the Site Compound is to be built. This will allow excavated material from the Coryton to Cardiff Gate section now being widened, to be moved by dump trucks and other site vehicles to reach the Rhymney River landscape filling area. Control will be manually operated
temporary traffic lights. The crossing will be in use between 09:30 and 15:30 outside peak travelling hours. This arrangement is due to continue for at least one year.
Cardiff Council is the Local Highway Authority for Maes y Bryn Road and Junction 30 roundabout. Welsh Assembly Government is responsible for the Slip Roads connecting with the M4 motorway. The plant crossing will allow continued access to Deen’s Dutch Garden
Centre in Wales and along Maes y Bryn Road, together with access to Cefn Mably Park and Alfred McAlpine’s Site Compound.

Further information can be obtained from the M4 Widening Public Liaison Officer:
Tel: 07805 619615 By e-mail: M4liaison@alfredmcalpineplc .com
Or visit our web page

Freedom of Information website