Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stop speeding with Life size cardboard kids!!!

Right before Mike Wood's house in on Main Street in West Salem, Ohio, the speed limit changes from 55 to 35 -- which makes sense, as he lives in a residential neighborhood full of children. However, most drivers don't bother slowing down, making Mike's front yard a dangerous place for his kids to play.
Then he had an idea -- why not remind motorists of the lives they were putting in danger by racing through the neighborhood at such high speeds? That's when Mike made life-sized, cardboard cut-outs of his kids, and placed them a few feet from the curb.
Not only did people start slowing down, but, ironically, a few drivers even shouted at him from their car windows, chastising him for letting his children play so close to a busy road.
Apparently the idea has caught on, and is being posted on law enforcement websites around the country. Mike has even started selling the signs to other concerned parents.
I think most of us fail to think of the consequences when we're driving too fast, hurrying to get someplace on time. This is a great way to remind all drivers that -- no matter what you're late for -- it just isn't worth the risk.

See video!