Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Green wash from Julie Morgan

I couldn't see any support from Julie Morgan MP there at all even if you presume she wrote it herself. Patronising twaddle!

Why can't she say I support all those who wrote to me concerned about our planet and what exactly she supports and what ACTION she is going to take. You could fall into the trap of wishful thinking and falling for politicians spin - she has responded in this way to the huge number of cards/letters from constituents and I dare say this is much the same as the letter she send them individually and so she appears to commiserate without commmitting to anything and leaving out those vital ACTION points?!

She does slag off lib dems in Cardiff for the lowest rates of recycling when the labour party were in power for many years before and are working with the lib dems ...it is only under the lib dems that we get recycling bins for garden rubbish so they have done something. The new labour party in Cardiff was opposing reorganising High Street - St Mary Street and higher parking charges. It costs £3.00 for a day BUS ticket in Cardiff - more from outside Cardiff and they reduce the day parking charge from £5.00 down to £3.00 making it cheaper to drive in and park! What sort of policy is that?

Note that the NEW LABOUR group on Cardiff council demanded immediate changes to the “ill-thought-out” St Mary Street traffic ban. Cardiff council’s New Labour leader, John Sheppard, said the ban was “badly-timed, ill-thought-out and has been the subject o

Ask what she drives?Does her office recycle anything as I know for a fact they didn't - She could recycle the large number of newspapers and magazines that she gets - shred paper - use recycled paper in the office, not use plastic bags etc so why not visit her office with an environmental audit and check out her green credentials? Perhaps she will invite you to her home to view her green life style!?

Julie praises gordon browns leadership on environmental policy? Is this the same person who because more people want to use the railway supports charges going up and if more people want to fly we should be building and expanding Heathrow? Not to mention suporting building more roads and nuclear power stations? What sort of leadership is that?

After all as she quoted Ghandi ..SHE should be the change in her own world e.g at home and at the office.
The new labour party is responsible for appalling huge open cast mining in Merthyr yards from peoples homes, as they supported and lobbied for it.

New Labour, New Environment? -report slams Labour’s green claims 20.07.07 New Labour New Environment?

Outdated figures have been hiding the full extent of climate change. But I am still advocating action, and not despair George Monbiot Tuesday December 4, 2007 The Guardian

The government proposes to cut the UK's carbon emissions by 60% by 2050. This target is based on a report published in 2000. That report was based on an assessment published in 1995, which drew on scientific papers published a few years earlier. The UK's policy, in other words, is based on papers some 15 years old.www.monbiot.com

British Energy draws up new reactor plans Guardian Unlimited, Wednesday November 28 2007 Terry Macalister
British Energy is looking at building four nuclear power plants at its sites in the south of England. But it admitted flood defences would be needed to protect them from rising sea levels. Sizewell in Suffolk, Dungeness in Kent, Hinkley Point in Somerset and Bradwell in Essex are the preferred sites for the new reactors. British Energy said it had already reached agreement (...)
(...) own carbon reduction targets". The report comes barely a week after Gordon Brown said Britain was committed to the European Union target of (...)

Goron brown as Chancellor failed to make any significant contribution to reducing UK carbon dioxide emissions.

  • In the eight years before Labour came to power green taxes (as a percentage of overall taxes) rose from 7.8% to 9.4 %. But by 2005 (the latest year which information is available) Gordon Brown had let this percentage fall to 7.7 %.
  • The Chancellor abandoned the Fuel Price Escalator (an above inflation increase in fuel tax) and has frequently frozen duty on fuel. In December last year, the Government admitted that the cost of motoring has fallen in real terms by over 8% since it came to power. Meanwhile the cost of public transport has risen: bus fares by 14 % and rail fares by 5 %.
  • Meanwhile carbon dioxide emissions have risen under Labour, despite repeated manifesto promises of substantial cuts. The Government's target of a 20 per cent cut in carbon dioxide (based on 1990 levels) by 2010, will not be met.

FOE ..He must demonstrate that he has the political courage to lead the UK towards a low carbon economy. And he can start by making it cheaper and easier for people to cut their emissions. This must include cutting road tax for more of the most fuel efficient cars and substantially increasing it for gas-guzzlers, and a package of measures that provides strong financial incentives for householders to save energy and cut emissions. We need action not words."