Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ffos-y-Fran Wales Dirty Deal

In the early hours of 5th December over 30 activists from around Wales joined local residents to occupy the site of the open cast mine at Ffos-y-Frân, near Merthyr Climbing on & chaining themselves to bulldozers & heavy machinery they’ve stopped excavation work on what is an extremely environmentally damaging project. As one of those involved said: “Coal is the filthiestfuel known to man & projects like this mine could destroy all our chances of tacklingglobal warming. The battle over this hilltop in Wales is a fight for the stability of the global climate & it epitomises this government’s hypocrisy on climate change.” Campaigners have stated they intend to do everything they can to stop this project.
Read Monbiot and how the Welsh government and Rhodri Morgan sold out