Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MEPs 2 major votes on climate change

Climate change is the biggest environmental threat facing our planet. Over the summer, we have seen widespread flooding in the UK and in Africa and heat waves and forest fires in Southern Europe. Transport accounts for over a quarter of Europe’s carbon dioxide emissions and they continue to rise placing the European Union’s emission reduction targets in jeopardy.

Your MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) have a golden opportunity to make a real difference on climate change. You can help to persuade them to vote to tackle transport’s effect on the climate.There are two major votes on climate change coming up in the European Parliament:
• Aviation and Emissions Trading. This is the EU’s response to the growing emissions from air travel. Research from the Tyndall Centre shows that it needs to be strengthened if it is going to have any impact.

• Cars and carbon dioxide emissions. The car industry promised to cut emissions but instead continue to produce big, gas-guzzling vehicles including 4x4s. Proposals are being made to make these cuts legally binding.

Go to http://www.transportactioneurope.org and ask your MEP to take action on climate change.Then help spread the word by sending this to your friends, family and fellow campaigners. You could also use web networks like Facebook to ask others to take action.

Thank you!
Simon Transport and Climate Campaign Friends of the Earth