Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Get behind city trial!

Get behind this city traffic trial Sep 11 2007 by Our Correspondent, South Wales Echo

I AM concerned at the Echo campaigning for Cardiff's St Mary Street to be reopened for car traffic.

The people of Cardiff are quite capable of seeing that the change has made shopping in the city centre a more pleasant experience, increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists and reduced the extremely high levels of air pollution.

Once the pavement widening and other improvements are carried out this will improve things further.

I frequently walk down St Mary Street and have seen no sign that the
ban has succeeded in turning St Mary Street into a bus racing track,
as the article of September 3 alleges.

There is also little evidence that traffic levels increased in either Grangetown or Riverside when the ban came into force.

The Echo should thank the council for taking this sensible and popular step to make Cardiff a better city.

Chris Brown

Janet Street, Splott, Cardiff