Saturday, July 21, 2007

Copenhagen - a happier country!

I was in Denmark last week and the only parking problem was for bikes.

The traffic lights count down the length of time you have to wait to cross.

Back in wales the headlines are

More die from drink driving in Wales
and I am not surprised as even the local pubs car park is always full. They can't all be not drinking!

High carbon footprint doesn’t equal happiness
says the The Happy Planet Index which used three factors – ecological impact, life-satisfaction and life-expectancy to calculate a figure that reflects both the ecological efficiency and the well-being of a country’s population. The results were surprising - world-wide the Pacific nation of Vanuatu came out first, while in Europe, the high life-expectancy and low carbon emissions of the Scandinavian nations of Iceland, Sweden and Norway meant that they topped the list. Britain meanwhile, with its high carbon footprint and low level of satisfaction among the population, came 21st, falling behind most other western European nations. Denmark came 6th!