Sunday, July 29, 2007

Campaign to reclaim streets

It's holiday time, but traffic and 'stranger danger' have driven children indoors Anushka Asthana, education correspondent Sunday July 29, 2007 The Observer
Only two out of 10 British children play in the streets and parks close to their homes each day, compared with seven out of 10 when their parents were growing up - even though campaigners have long maintained that outdoor play is essential to every child's upbringing.

Play in Cardiff
National Playday fun in Heath Park

Just in Heath park - need more committment than that. Streets should be traffic free and allow children out of their houses to play. With this rise in numbers of obese boys soon it will be too late.

....There'll be fun for all next Wednesday (2nd August) in Heath Park as Cardiff Council's Children's Play Service brings all the fun of national Playday to one of the city's most popular parks. National Playday is an initiative supported by the Children's Play Council and has being going for over eighteen years with over 100,000 children taking part each year across the UK.

Play Wales

Play Day in the Vale of Glamorgan

When is it?
An annual event held every year on the first Wednesday in August.

What is it?
National Play Day is a celebration of the child's right to play and each year has a different theme. This year's theme is 'Our Streets Too'.

Saftey first
In the Vale we’re trying to encourage traffic to slow down. Children and young people will be on school holidays and will be using the streets to access local parks and shops, as well as playing on the streets.

What's on offer
Play Schemes and Play Ranger Schemes will be celebrating the event with a range of fun-filled activities. Please see Play Rangers and Play Schemes.

For more information
Telephone: 01446 704809
or email
National Children’s Bureau website: