Saturday, June 30, 2007

Traffic pollution levels pose severe risk in South Wales

Why are we being poisoned? So what is keeping our politicians from doing something about this?

I suggest that we ban highly polluting cars from the road such as SUVs. Raise funds to pay for public transport which keeps going up in cost by at least raising parking charges by 1. introduce congestion charging. 2. Make using the bus more attractive and easier by auditing the services at present which as in Cardiff go almost entirely into the city centre that circle the city and go across. 3.Introduce more bus stops to meet needs - e.g. the bus stop that used to be from theSchool of music has been moved and therefore WAG workers have some distance to go to find a bus up,Caerphilly Road.4.Stop cutting services -Cardiff are proposing cutting no 68 to Llanishen which take civil service workers to Ty Glas high rise buildings. With such poor bus services no wonder people fee l they have to take their cars. Try getting a bus after 6.30 - try using the bus to get anywhere after 6.30. Caerphilly buses stop at 6ish. Not good for economic development either.5. Cardiff Bus have a £3.00 day ticket which is non transferable so if we have a stagecoach bus come along we can't use our ticket.6. Buses go along Northern Ave all day to and from the valleys but don't stop to pick up passengers either way so why this waste of resources at best and segregation at worst?7.Sardine Train services overcrowded and tying to hit targets so they skip stops when late and leave passengers stranded or waiting for hours etc.8. Some park and ride out side the city.9. Stop parking at bus stops- on double yellow lines and on the pavement 9. Start all over.

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Time for Cardiff Drivers to see Green Light.Soaring pollution levels could pose severe risks Jun 30 2007 by Ben Glaze, South Wales EchoDANGEROUSLY high levels of air pollution have been recorded in South Wales, according to an official report.Pollution in several places in Rhondda Cynon Taf “could pose a risk of significant adverse health effects” according to the council’s public health experts.Officials found levels of nitrogen dioxide were above legal limits at eight hot-spots across RCT: Aberdare town centre; The Broadway, Treforest; Cilfynydd, near Pontypridd; the A4119 at Mwyndy, near Llantrisant; Pontypridd town centre; East Road, Tylorstown; and the A473 corridor through Church Village, Llantwit Fardre and Tonteg.Their report blames fumes from congested traffic and the high level of housing in affected areas.An RCT council spokeswoman said: “Findings indicated that nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant mainly produced from road traffic, required further, more in-depth examination.“As such the council has recently published a report about its in-depth examination entitled Third Stage Detailed Assessment for Nitrogen Dioxide for public consultation.“The report has identified eight areas within the borough which are affected by air quality and therefore require the declaration of air quality management areas.Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood said: “Now these problems have been identified it is crucial they are addressed as soon as possible.“This pollution comes from car exhausts and so it is no surprise these hot spots are in the very areas where traffic congestion is worst.“Action needs to be taken immediately to reduce traffic volumes in all of these areas, but the real answer lies in the provision of high-quality, affordable and accessible public transport so that people do not need to sit in traffic jams.”