Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No voice - no choice

The Government wants to fast track new power stations, runways, major roads and other big developments – whether people want them or not. The Planning White Paper will effectively silence local opposition to big polluting projects. The public have until 17 August to respond to the Government's proposals.

No voice, no choice
Contained in the White Paper are proposals to:

Streamline major projects
Like nuclear power stations, airports, major roads and large incinerators.
Stop you from having a say
By removing your right to be heard in Public Inquiries and local plans.
Threaten local shops
By encouraging out-of-town supermarket development
These proposals will lead to a major increase in CO2 emissions – at odds with the Government's aim to tackle climate change.

Did you know?
A coalition of environmental and civic organisations numbering more than 2 million members opposes the Government's Planning White Paper.

Who is affected?
Communities throughout the UK will be faced with new power stations, nuclear waste sites and other major energy projects. Plans for airports, major roads and large waste incinerators will affect England only.

Your community, your shout
The planning system offers key checks and balances which are now under threat. Sustainable development is being stripped apart to benefit big business. These proposals are bad for people, bad for democracy and bad for the environment.

Protect your rights and local voice in planning – please take our quick online action at to respond to the Government's proposals.

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