Wednesday, May 23, 2007

M4 Widening Folly

Cardiff M4 widening start

Unecessary - a new bottle neck! A separate cycle lane would have been more useful and cheaper! Many homes will be affected by the increase in noise and pollution!

Work will start at the end of May on the M4 motorway widening scheme from junction 29 Castleton to junction 32 Coryton, north of Cardiff.
Contractor Alfred McAlpine Project Services will be widening this 13.5km (eight mile) section of existing dual two-lane motorway to dual three-lane motorway.The M4 Widening scheme starting at the end of May 2007 is expected to be complete by December 2009, and will significantly ease congestion particularly at peak periods.Further information can be obtained from the M4 Widening Public Liaison facilities:Tel: 07805 619615 E-mail: or visit the M4 web page