Monday, May 21, 2007

Celebrate Architecture week

Living Streets launches an early celebration of Architecture Week: 15-24 June
How to boost tourism by creating visitor friendly public spaces

13 June 2007 - Visitor Economy and the Public Realm
Visitor Economy and the Public Realm Conference Flyer PDF (279Kb)

This one day conference will consider how an attractive public realm can boost the visitor economy. The conference will look at how much does the public realm support tourism; what visitors want from the public realm; how street events can improve the attractiveness of an area and how to collaborate with other parties that have a vested interest in your area.

The conference will take place at the newly designed headquarters of Visit London and there will be an optional 30 minute tour of the new public space at Queens Walk on the Thames Walkway. Place your bookings now! Living Streets
For more information - Architecture Week