Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welsh councils ignoring climate change

Councils 'ignoring climate change'
Only a handful of local authorities which replied to a Guardian survey said they were taking any action to address the rising carbon emissions produced by their residents.
The paper compares the results of its survey with recent comments by climate change minister Ian Pearson, who said councils were at the forefront of the country's efforts to tackle climate change.

Leading by example. Ever wondered which are Britain's best performing councils on green issues? Ponder no more, we name the top 10
Terry Slavin Wednesday January 3, 2007
The Guardian

What about Wales. Wales is definately not in the top ten so no surprise there then! We are campaigning/battling for a change in approach in Cardiff which is very congested and has shown NO inclination to change. It is pro car full stop. The car lobby has only to raise its head and the council will back down. It is difficult to cross the road here as the custom is to have crossing on only one or at the most 3 sides of a busy crossroad? In fact one despairs. Politiicans haven't the courage here to do anything or evan take a stand..
Sue Essex AM tells me ...
Sue said that it seemed to have worked very well in London, and that she supports it in principle. However, she would need more information on traffic flow etc. before she could judge whether it is really appropriate for Cardiff.