Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beulah Road resident on annoying Traffic Issues

congratulations! its about time someone took a stand against people who park on pavements i share the same grievence as you do, but you have left your little notice on my car which is outside my house admittedly slightly on the pavement by the way i live in 16 Beulah road and my name is Simon Hart, parking in beulah road is a nightmare for residents and the people who drive through beulah road are the cause of people like myslf who park slighly off the road to avoid theyre car being damaged because of the bottle kneck caused by the real offenders - the people who park outside the shops on the opposite and illegal side of the road i.e people who use Derek Freye dry cleaners they just mount the pavement with no care jump out quite often leaving theyre car running and think "o i will only be two minutes while i pick up my dry cleaning" the pavement outside the shops bares the scares of this action as all the pavement slabs are split into millions of pieces, why hasent the council put up railings to dter this which i find so dangerous as i have nearly been knocked down myself whilst walking on that pavement only to be shouted at by the driver saying watch where i am going! aside from that i am lucky if i can even park anywhere near my house and when i do i have had to put up with years of people blocking my driveway whilst they go to the shops and theyre excuse "i was only two minutes" yea only two minutes that was the two minutes of an emergency that stopped me getting to the hospital for a broken arm!!!!! bicycles you metion in your leaflet are not allowed on the pavement unless the rider is under 14 i see the new trendy dads with theyre kiddies on a trailer bike riding the pavements i see old and young perfeclty mobile people taking to the electric scooter and beeping t me to get out of the way!!! i know theyre names and where they live they are probably not insured or have a licensce and i know damn well they can walk with no trouble!
i have lived in this street for 25years and seen many crazy things its good to see someone is trying to do something about it but all your facts are wrong dont blame residents do something about the real offenders peope who dangerously mount the kerb people who ride the scooters like crazed teenagers who ride petrol scooters and grown ups who think they have the right to ride on the pavement because they have theyre little on on the back, if you would like to discuss this any further i am glad to comment but i wont be moving my car in any hurry until measures are taken to sto the real offenders.

sincerely simon hart