Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cardiff needs a vision for pedestrians and cyclists

Canton bridge where the council have narrowed the 
pavement to squeeze cyclists of the road to make 
room for more traffic rather than have a sustainable 
vision for pedestrians /cycling city 
I believe that lively, enjoyable public spaces are the key to planning a great city. They are what makes it come alive
On busy Canton bridge which is crowded with people in the summer especially there is no opportunity to stop and look over the bridge or pause to admire the 
 Animal Wall, alongside Cardiff Castle, one of the most delightful and photographed historic features in Cardiff.
Cardiff Council have narrowed the pavement here where it should be widened to squeeze in cyclists to allow more space for motorists on Canton bridge where traffic stopped altogether leaving just pedestrians, cyclists and buses running. Cardiff council has not got the vision to even follow the manual for streets hierarchy of road users. What
Canton bridge where Cardiff council ignored pleas to
revise the scheme and widen the pavement not narrow
it and build a cycle lane of approved width.
a mess and waste of £££  Cardiff cycling officer who quit gave these figures to 2013 Cyclists campaign AGM
 Cycling budget
"Jo presented a spreadsheet in which funds from the following were identified:
o   Cardiff Council -  £625,000 in 2013, £450,000 in 2014.
o   Welsh Assembly Government - £1,185,000 in 2013.
o   SEWTA - £650,000 in 2014, then £900,000."
More cash has been wasted in Canton where cyclists money was used to remove cycling lanes and resurface the road.

Transport is a major issue in Cardiff that if not addressed will be a significant brake 
on the city’s economic fortunes, but worse, further isolate whole communities 

cut off from job opportunities and education. Cardiff council ignored The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 that is supposed to make it easier for people to walk and cycle in Wales.  The city is over-dependent on the car, and investment in more roads and traffic 
improvements alone would not fix the problem and keep up with significant 
growth in demand. We need a better, cheaper and more effective public transport 
network in Cardiff not cuts in public transport, not more room for cars to dominate the street scene, polluting the air, and denying many of routine exercise.

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Canton Bridge narrower pavement - substandard width cycle lane