Friday, March 20, 2009

e-Petition: Keep Abergavenny Livestock Market

e-Petition: Keep Abergavenny Livestock Market

"We call upon the National Assembly for Wales to preserve Abergavenny's historic character as a market town by not repealing or amending the Abergavenny Improvement Acts 1854 to 1871, thereby preserving all the associated economic, social and cultural benefits of a market town."

The battle to save Abergavenny has been raging for over 4 years.

The Council has signed a deal with a developer to turn the historic livestock
market into a retail park including a very large Asda supermarket. Many believe this will
destroy the town centre, harming the local economy, and cause enormous hardship in
the farming community.

For some of us this is a battle for localisation over the forcesof globalisation, one
of the major sustainability issues of our age, though this is not the place to argue it.
A new campaign under the banner Keep Abergavenny Livestock Market (KALM) is
going strong and,among other things, has submitted a petition to the National Assembly
for Wales for putting on their new online petition website.

You can help the campaign by signing this petition online.? Click on link above