Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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20’s Plenty


For Us welcomes Transport Committee support for increased use of 20 mph limits

The full report with submissions from all parties may be downloaded from http://www.p

The latest Road Safety Report from the House of Commons Transport Committee calls for “Ending the scandal of Complacency” associated with road casualties.

It notes that whilst UK had a good international record up to the year 2000 this has been tarnished by lack of progress in death on our roads since then. Road accidents are the largest single cause of death for people between the ages of 5 and 35.

Key points that 20’s Plenty for Us noted in the report were :-

· It both recognised the demand from communities for safer stre

ets and the role that 20 mph for urban and residential streets plays in delivering that safety. Para 60.· It recognises the need to differentiate between casualty reduction and danger reduction. Other countries have gone much further than the UK in adapting their urban areas for safer walking and cycling. Para 87.· It notes that local traffic authorities have been successful at treating accident black spots, but as there are consequently fewer treatable sites there is the need to move toward improving the safety of our infrastructure in a broader and more systematic manner. Para 57.· It calls for a new vision for road safety in Britain, and recognises how casualty reduction, danger reduction, sustainable transport, economic efficiency, climate change, social inclusion and physical health should all be integrated. Para 136.

· It points out the initiative of towns like Portsmouth who have recently set all residential streets to a speed limit of 20 mph at minimal cost. Para 58.

Rod King, Founder of 20’s Plenty For Us said :- “This report reinforces much that has been recognised by road danger reduction campaigners. There is too much complacency in the UK regarding road deaths. We still have the view that they are inevitable, yet other countries are proving far more effective at ensuring that their chil

dren live longer, have more independent mobility and quality of life.

At 20 mph our streets become community public spaces where all road users can bene

fit from equitably interacting and sharing the road.

Most people support 20 mph f

or residential streets and we

now need local authorities to respond to that demand and changing culture to provide a safe environment for their chil

dren and adults to walk and

cycle as well as drive.”

For more information about 20’

s Plenty For Us, including info

rmation on the “Streets Ahead” conference exploring how we can create safer streets for

walking and cycling see and

Local Authorities now committed to 20 mph for residential streets with po


Leicester 292,600 Portsmouth 197,000 Oxford 151,000 Norwich 132,200

20’s Plenty For Us campaigns for a 20mph default speed limits in residential streets without physical calming.

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