Saturday, February 03, 2007

So what is Blair doing about climate change?

A message from Greenpeace
We're on the verge of climate catastrophe: that's the verdict of today's report from the world's top climate scientists. If we carry on with business as usual, the prognosis for planet Earth is more droughts, heatwaves and floods, stronger hurricanes, melting ice-sheets and rising sea levels. The message to the world's governments couldn't be clearer: it's time to act.

So what's Blair doing? He's ushering in a new generation of coal power plants... A number of energy companies are putting in applications to build brand new coal plants - the first to be built in 20 years. This coal rush is the inevitable result of Blair's love affair with the most polluting fossil fuel; coal use has risen under Blair.The UK now emits more carbon dioxide than 112 of the world's smallest countries combined. So this morning, we at Greenpeace put the responsibility for these emissions at the government's doorstep, tipping four tonnes of coal at the entrance to Blair's environment